Finding Your Niche!

I know it doesn’t make sense, but hear me out!

When you are deemed an expert in something, do you or do you not get more credit and respect?

When you are deemed an expert in something, do you or do you not become more ‘google-able’?

When you are deemed an expert in something, are you or are you not trusted more in your area of expertise than someone that is not?

When you are deemed an expert in something, is it or is it not more likely that you will be able to charge more than your non-expert counterparts?

I’m hoping I’m starting to make a little bit of sense here….Deciding a niche and starting to paint that picture of yourself and your cake company as the expert in a particular field is the beginning of beautiful things.

I have experienced this myself and not only has it attracted a lot of attention, grown my social media following and helped me to establish my brand but through this strategy, I have been able to triple my income because I am now able to charge more, clients come to me instead of me having to wait for them and I don't have to rely on friends or family who are not paying me enough to make the business profitable.

Your Image

If you ask me, it’s a no-brainer! These masterclasses and accompanying workbooks are valued at $129 each! But you can get them today for just $49.00.

Click now! There is never a better time than now to find your niche!

If you do not see ANY growth, we will happily provide you with a full refund! You cannot get fairer than that!

Now we are so confident that not only will you absolutely love these materials and find them incredibly valuable, but we will guarantee that if you implement these steps in your business within 30 days you will see growth in your business.

DISCLOSURE: The contents of this training programme provides information based on the true to life testimony of my personal experience. The masterclasses and corresponding activities are based around the business activity I have implemented myself, which has yielded the results described. There is an invitation at the end of the programme for those who may wish to continue their knowledge and education with Natasha Orumbie, through the N.O. Cakes R Better Online Academy, for a longer-term, to quickly implement what is taught through this series and to continue to learn the skills of building a successful cake company. There is no requirement to do so however and those who have purchased these classes will have all the information they need to move forward on your own. The steps are clearly broken down and as a client, you can use this knowledge on your own and you will be shown the steps I have used independently in my own business. You can use this knowledge on your own without purchasing ANYTHING. Our offer is to help guide you at the fastest pace possible and keep you at the forefront of the industry.

DISCLAIMER: Clients who purchase this programme and Natasha Orumbie are in no way affiliated or otherwise endorsed by Facebook. The testimonial from my own business is not typical, but the case study of a hard-working entrepreneur who is 100% dedicated to my business and worked extremely hard to achieve these results. Absolutely no income claims are being made or will be made. In order to grow a successful business, it takes extreme focus, hard work, sacrifice, and dedication… Often times you must try fail, and try again. Relentlessness is what it takes. The average person who buys an educational book or training material will see little to no results, and often will not even complete the book or activities. Any references made are for example purposes only. Your results will depend on a variety of factors including your work ethic. No business is easy, and all business contains risk. You must be willing to put in the relentless effort and continued action to even have a chance of succeeding in any business. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE if you do not understand this.

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