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Kick-Start Your Cake Biz Today!

How to finally increase your cake sales

without having to rely on your friends and family!

Every business owner began their initiative/concept because they wanted to make money. Whether it's because you need to support your family, or because you have goals and dreams and visions that your main job can't support. Maybe you just need the cash so you can buy your luxuries without feeling guilty or maybe your business is your main job and you desperately need it to make profit because without it we can't survive?

Whatever your reason is, I know as a fellow entrepreneur that the money you planned to make in theory doesn't always play out in practice! When you’re working crazy hours and putting every last ounce of energy into your business, the least you can expect is to see a profit, right? But I know this is not the story for many business owners whether they're in the cake industry or not. I know because I was one of them.

I ran my business for 10 years without making a profit and unfortunately, I didn’t discover this until I had been literally slaving away for 10 years. I was stunned when I finally calculated everything that I had spent on each order and compared it with what I was charging. I couldn’t believe I had been so naïve!

All I had wanted to do was earn extra money to help our family to enjoy some of the extras that even with two salaries living in London was a struggle to do! But in actual fact, I had been making a loss! Like a huge loss. I would never have guessed!

The prices that I was charging for cakes were not that low! I knew many other cake businesses that were charging less and it seems like we were all in the same boat! I couldn’t see any way forward so at that point, in my head, the only option was to quit. Yep, I was about to hang up my apron, recycle my cake mixer and go back to my sensible job! I know some of you have probably felt the same about your business idea and it's not a nice place to be, it sucks! Noone likes to feel like they've failed!

But just before I was about to throw in the tea towel, I found out the secrets that I am about to share with you in this series. I couldn't believe how long I had been doing it totally the wrong way! It made perfect sense that my profits had been so low, in fact non-existent. I had not been doing any of these things!

As soon as I began to implement these strategies my business blew up! I finally understood the real reason people were not willing to pay the prices I would need to charge to make a real profit and why the majority of my clients were friends and family and their friends and family. It made perfect sense!!

Apart from me seeing my Instagram following grow from 400 to 7000 in just 9 months, my sales tripled. I saw the highest sales I had ever seen. I began sharing these results and methods with others in my community and they were equally excited!

I no longer have to rely on friends and family for orders. I no longer cringe when I'm sharing the prices of my cakes, I've streamlined my processes and refined what activities I spend time on so I'm making more money doing less. I've even developed a stream of passive income that most bricks and mortar businesses don't think is possible, all of this through the strategies in this series of 8 Masterclasses!

I know, I know, you're ready to get it now, so you don't have to read on if you're ready to get immediate access to the materials that are going to change your business forever!

But if you wanna know more details about what's included, check out the rest of the page!

So let me introduce the Kick Start Your Cake Biz Series! I have captured all of the fundamental knowledge that I have gained over the past 9 months and broken them down into step by step actions that anyone can follow.

There are 8 separate masterclasses with accompanying workbooks that explain exactly what you need to do, why you need to do it and how you get it done. I have given specific examples of how you can implement each strategy and the workbook gives you individual exercises that will ensure that you know precisely how you can achieve the same breathtaking results that I have in your own cake businesses.

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The Kick Start Your Cake Biz Bundle includes the following fundamental topics:

Selling the solution

One of the most essential lessons I learnt was how to change what I was selling from a product to a solution! This seemed easier to do with other products but once I learnt how to do this with cake, it was a game changer!

Finding your niche

The problem with many cake businesses is that they don’t have a niche! They are trying to sell to everyone! This NEVER works! This masterclass explains the importance of a niche and how to find your own!

Building your brand

Breaking down what a ‘brand’ truly is and debunking the myths that it boils down to simple aesthetics like logos and fonts! This was fundamental to the transformation of my cake business and I explain exactly how you can build an enchanting brand of your own!

Finding your ideal client

If you’re tired of relying on your only customers being your friends and family, who barely want to pay you for your ingredients let alone your time, you will love this masterclass.

Making a profit

The reason you went into business – to make a profit! This masterclass explains exactly why so many cake businesses fail to make one and what you can do about it!

Creating Killer Content

Whilst social media is not the only part of your business it is still of huge importance and so many cake businesses get stuck in creating pages/feeds that lack originality and inspiration and hence do not attract the attention that is needed to draw new clients in! This masterclass breaks down how you identify what content is going to be ‘killer’ and how you create it consistently!

Effective Engagement

A smaller engaged and active audience is way better than a huge but distant following! This masterclass explains how you can authentically grow this following and convert them into paying buyers!

Time Management like a boss

I’m often asked how in the world I am running this business whilst working a full time job! In this masterclass I explain how I get it done and share the hacks and the apps behind the outcomes!

In addition to the Kick Start Your Cake Biz series everyone who purchases before the countdown timer on the bottom of the page expires will also get:

  • Our latest ebook which has just launched for the presale, ‘You CAN have your cake and sell it too!’ which shares 5 secret ingredients to a profitable business, with more practical steps you can go ahead and implement to breaking down your cake pricing and how to calculate exactly what your costings are!
  • One month membership to our Online Academy programme, Building Business Basics for Bakers, which gives you access to:

A private Facebook community to connect with other cake business owners

Individual account analysis and 30-minute strategy mapping with myself

Access to a separate section of resources exclusively accessible to members of the community and those on the Triple B for Bakers programme

Access to a monthly group strategy call to allow you access to pick my brain and have specific responses to any business questions you may have

Today we are sharing an incredible offer because each one of these masterclasses and the workbooks that go with them are valued at $129 each! So you are effectively getting 8 x masterclasses and workbooks that should have cost you $1032!

  • Today, you are getting access to these incredible resources for just $149! That’s a saving of $883!
  • Our latest ebook, ‘You CAN have your cake and sell it too!’ value of $14.99
  • One month membership to our Online Academy programme, Building Business Basics (Triple B) for Bakers, which is valued at $350
  • a private Facebook community to connect with other cake business owners monthly cost of $19.99
  • Individual account analysis and 30-minute strategy mapping with myself valued at $99

This is a total value of $1515.98 which you are getting today for just $149!! But hurry! This offer is only available at this price until the countdown timer expires. After which time this offer will no longer be available.

If you do not see ANY growth, we will happily provide you with a full refund! You cannot get fairer than that!

Now we are so confident that not only will you absolutely love these materials and find them incredibly valuable, but we will guarantee that if you implement these steps in your business within 30 days you will see growth in your business.

DISCLOSURE: The contents of this training programme provides information based on the true to life testimony of my personal experience. The masterclasses and corresponding activities are based around the business activity I have implemented myself, which has yielded the results described. There is an invitation at the end of the programme for those who may wish to continue their knowledge and education with Natasha Orumbie, through the N.O. Cakes R Better Online Academy, for a longer-term, to quickly implement what is taught through this series and to continue to learn the skills of building a successful cake company. There is no requirement to do so however and those who have purchased these classes will have all the information they need to move forward on your own. The steps are clearly broken down and as a client, you can use this knowledge on your own and you will be shown the steps I have used independently in my own business. You can use this knowledge on your own without purchasing ANYTHING. Our offer is to help guide you at the fastest pace possible and keep you at the forefront of the industry.

DISCLAIMER: Clients who purchase this programme and Natasha Orumbie are in no way affiliated or otherwise endorsed by Facebook. The testimonial from my own business is not typical, but the case study of a hard-working entrepreneur who is 100% dedicated to my business and worked extremely hard to achieve these results. Absolutely no income claims are being made or will be made. In order to grow a successful business, it takes extreme focus, hard work, sacrifice, and dedication… Often times you must try fail, and try again. Relentlessness is what it takes. The average person who buys an educational book or training material will see little to no results, and often will not even complete the book or activities. Any references made are for example purposes only. Your results will depend on a variety of factors including your work ethic. No business is easy, and all business contains risk. You must be willing to put in the relentless effort and continued action to even have a chance of succeeding in any business. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE if you do not understand this.

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