Knowing what to do is one thing!

Having someone show you how

and walk alongside you is another.

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I didn't realise the impact that mentoring would have on my business until I did it myself. I thought that as long as I have the information, being an intelligent woman, how hard could it possibly be to apply that knowledge, right?

The fact is, we are human and when things are new and we are taken out of our comfort zone into areas we've never experienced in before, it can take a lot more effort than usual to make things happen.

I had been in business for 10 years, but I had no idea how to run one. All the strategies and concepts were entirely new to me and I had a hard time getting my head around them. All I could think about was the fact that I will still not making enough money to make my business profitable. I felt stuck, I felt frustrated, and I just presumed that maybe I wasn't good enough. If I've got all the knowledge and I still don't get it and it's still not working, maybe I wasn't somebody that was cut out for being an entrepreneur, because not everything is for everyone right? But I was wrong!

The only thing that was missing, was somebody to show me how.  I was missing somebody that has been there before and has experience and insights about the struggles that I would be facing and practical solutions to roadblocks that would come up in my path. This was the solution and all I can say is thank goodness I didn't write myself off, as many of us do when it becomes a bit tricky!

Many of us just believe in the lie that we aren't good enough, and we aren't cut out for this. I want you to re-programme your brain today and tell yourself the real truth, which is you are absolutely good enough for this industry, are you are absolutely the right person to do what you have set out to do, you just need someone to support you through the process, and that effectively, is what triple B is.

Triple B stands for Building Business Basics. It is a unique mentoring programme that enables you to gain the confidence that it requires to take your business to the next stage. It allows you to relax knowing that in those moments where you get stuck, somebody is going to be available to walk alongside you and steer you in the right direction. It basically means you're never alone.

Just like when you're learning to drive. If you've ever experienced this, you couldn't imagine going into the car totally on your own without an instructor, could you? Even with the instructor, I was petrified at first. Going alone would be incredibly dangerous, and without knowledge and experience of that instructor, who is more aware of what dangers you may face on the road and how to anticipate and avoid them, it would actually be very unwise to try and attempt to drive a car completely independently.

The aim of the driving lesson is to give you that support and guidance in a safe environment, where your instructor can help you control that car whilst you become confident at managing it yourself. The ultimate objective is taking you to a point where to can confidently do so alone.

So, how do I know this right for me? Good question! The fact that you're even here on this page is already a sign that this is most likely going to be a good option for you because you've taken action and you have made a decision to find out more and have already made the decision to level up in business with our Kick Start Your Cake Biz programme!  However, I know for a fact that Triple B is not right for everyone!

This is why, as part of our standard onboarding process,  all mentees will have a 30-minute strategy call with me, to ensure that for where you are currently in your business, you take the best option for you at this particular point in time. Therefore, everyone that purchases Triple B will automatically be prompted to register for a 30 minute, Talk Tactics with Tasha strategy call, which is totally free of charge and value of $99*

Still not convinced? meet Jennie our very first Triple B student. Jennie had also been running her cake business for 10 years and like me, and was on the verge of giving up when she came across our programme and reached out. Jennie is one of several strangers who reach out to me in my DMs on daily basis, asking about our offers just like this one which hadn't even officially been launched!

Jennie is now about to start her third month of the programme! Before Triple B, she had never had clients contact her as a result of seeing her on Instagram. She had only done one wedding previously, even though she was a highly skilled and experienced baker and could have been doing so many more.

After just 7 weeks on Triple B, during our weekly mentoring session, Jennie shared

that she had just booked her 6th wedding in 2021! These are all bookings for the strangers who Jennie has come into contact with online after implementing the strategies that we have worked together on that are core to the Triple B programme!

Jennie is the perfect candidate and student for a programme like this, because it is intense, it is focused and there is a weekly accountability session, which is in place to keep you on track and accountable. But more importantly, more than anything, Jennie is prepared to work hard. She wants this more than anything and therefore she's in the right place to push with everything that she has! With the help of someone who is going to give her that extra shove when she needs it!

Before getting on to the programme I was literally about to list all of my baking tools on EBay and call it a day.

Luckily I came across Tasha’s page, and I was instantly drawn to her energy and most importantly her honesty, I could identify with everything. I knew something had to change in my business but I didn’t know what, so I enrolled.

I’m currently in week 8 of the program and I have learnt so much, the programme has catapulted my business in ways I never thought possible.

•My Instagram following started at approximately 200, it’s steadily growing daily.

•I’ve gone from booking 1 wedding in 2014, to booking 6 weddings in 2021.

•I’ve captured the attention of key players within the wedding industry are interested in my brand and have gone as far as promoting my work.

•I have lifestyle brands eager to advertise my work.

All of this has happened and I haven’t even done a proper showcase/launch of my brand.

Taking on the Triple B Mentoring Programme is the best thing I’ve done for both myself and my business, this programme didn’t just save my business, it saved my life.

-- Jennie

Ask yourself, are you desiring to experience results like this?

Do you want to do more business with strangers rather than having to rely on friends and family?

Do you want to charge your worth so that you can see the profit you're making for all your hard work?

Do you not want to be struggling to find business and want your ideal clients to start coming to you?

Would you value expert advice and guidance tailored to your niche and industry?

So if you have felt stuck in your business like Jennie was, if you were almost considering giving up, if you were considering maybe that you're not in the right industry or that being an entrepreneur is not for you, why not secure your place on the Triple B programme and we can talk it through on a strategy call and make sure that you take the steps that will give you the outcomes that you desire and deserve for your business!

What’s Included?

Talk Tactics with Tasha strategy call – A 30 minute triage strategy call to ensure the programme is what you need or redirection to the must appropriate package

Instagram Account Analysis – A full breakdown and analysis of your current IG feed providing advice and guidance of how it could be improved

Bespoke Action Plan – Clear, practical steps as to how to implement the recommended changes to improve your page

Weekly Check-in – Keeping on top of your actions with a weekly check-in from me, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions but also keep you accountable.

Monthly Support Programme – It’s easy to get lost or distracted when you’re in it for the long-haul, so this monthly support in our Business Membership area, offering you the follow-up to keep you on the right path.

Exclusive Access to Selected Resources – A selection of PDF to guide you through the basics to building a successful cake business including: How to Change Your Pricing, How to Price for Profit, How to Calculate your Pricing, How to Create a Business Plan and so much more.

*You will not pay anything for your Talk Tactics strategy call, unless we decide after the call that Triple B is not right for you at this moment, in which case, we will refund you what you paid for Triple B, minus $50 to cover your strategy call session which is 50% discount off the standard price!

If you do not see ANY growth, we will happily provide you with a full refund! You cannot get fairer than that!

Now we are so confident that not only will you absolutely love these materials and find them incredibly valuable, but we will guarantee that if you implement these steps in your business within 30 days you will see growth in your business.

DISCLOSURE: The contents of this training programme provides information based on the true to life testimony of my personal experience. The masterclasses and corresponding activities are based around the business activity I have implemented myself, which has yielded the results described. There is an invitation at the end of the programme for those who may wish to continue their knowledge and education with Natasha Orumbie, through the N.O. Cakes R Better Online Academy, for a longer-term, to quickly implement what is taught through this series and to continue to learn the skills of building a successful cake company. There is no requirement to do so however and those who have purchased these classes will have all the information they need to move forward on your own. The steps are clearly broken down and as a client, you can use this knowledge on your own and you will be shown the steps I have used independently in my own business. You can use this knowledge on your own without purchasing ANYTHING. Our offer is to help guide you at the fastest pace possible and keep you at the forefront of the industry.

DISCLAIMER: Clients who purchase this programme and Natasha Orumbie are in no way affiliated or otherwise endorsed by Facebook. The testimonial from my own business is not typical, but the case study of a hard-working entrepreneur who is 100% dedicated to my business and worked extremely hard to achieve these results. Absolutely no income claims are being made or will be made. In order to grow a successful business, it takes extreme focus, hard work, sacrifice, and dedication… Often times you must try fail, and try again. Relentlessness is what it takes. The average person who buys an educational book or training material will see little to no results, and often will not even complete the book or activities. Any references made are for example purposes only. Your results will depend on a variety of factors including your work ethic. No business is easy, and all business contains risk. You must be willing to put in the relentless effort and continued action to even have a chance of succeeding in any business. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE if you do not understand this.

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